It’s easy for websites to say “Pay of your debt by . . . well, by paying it off.” However, this isn’t helpful for people that find themselves with no extra income, after rent and groceries, to spend on their debt. Living from paycheck-to-paycheck is the reality of many Americans today. So, what should you do if you find yourself in a similar position? Side jobs often come up as the answer but seem impractical in most cases. You’re already working full-time and part-time jobs aren’t worth the extra hours in most cases.

The Best Way of Reducing Debt with Side Jobs

The good thing about living in the digital age is that you can easily work from the comfort of your own home.

There are many companies that pay good money for your services, either online or over the phone, and give you money via Paypal. The main idea is that you take on as many tasks as you can on your days off and use that money strictly for paying off your debts.

Struggling to get from one site to the next is one of the biggest issues with having side jobs. Working as a contractor or freelancer gives you the space to take tasks whenever you have time. You can work and watch your kids at the same time. Whatever suits your schedule; you can find time to make extra money.

You can also find jobs to suit any interest online as well. Everything from general transcription to writing blogs/reviews can earn you money. If you enjoy writing, some companies will pay you up to $100 per article. Maybe you have a passion for photography. There are also online side jobs that pay for photos to sell to business for general use.

It may take some time and energy to find the right jobs for you but after reading comments from other people that have worked for the business you’re considering and reading other reviews, you should be able to find reputable work with good wages. A great source for freelance or contract work is Craigslist. You can also find online side jobs at MediaBistro, Upwork, Indeed, and Simply Hired. Most of these sites offer reviews from people that have worked for these companies. It just gives you better insight on the experience before you start working.

Keeping all the money you make from your side jobs and applying that to your debts is the perfect way to get back on track to a healthy financial situation.


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