If you have credit card debt, then maybe it’s time to consider enrolling in a forgiveness program. These programs usually look into your extenuating circumstances and give you the opportunity to catch up on your credit card loans in a variety of ways. As a safe alternative to declaring bankruptcy, come debtors will lower the interest that’s generating from your total amount or even eliminate the principle balance on your account. If you’re fed up with living in debt, as most people are, the read the sections below to learn more about these forgiveness programs and ways you can reduce your debt.

A Settlement

One of the most common programs is referred to as a settlement. This type of credit card debt forgiveness program is when a person agrees to settle the debt they owe. The main reason why this method is so popular is because it allows you to settle your debt for only a portion of what’s owed.

Debt Management

This program is when a person will work with a professional who can figure out an affordable payment plan that will allow them to pay off their debt. The professional will work on your behalf to get your credit card company to forgive a portion of the debt in exchange for larger payments.

A Workout Plan

Another common type of credit card debt forgiveness program is the workout plan. This program will allow you to reduce the amount of debt you owe to your credit card company. However, it’s common that this forgiveness program will give you the chance to receive debt forgiveness in the form of lower interest with small upfront fees.

As part of the plan, you agree to make regular payments in exchange for a suspension on additional interest as well as penalties and late charges to your account.


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