Many people are finding it hard to imagine what healthcare will look like in the coming months of 2017. This might scare or alarm some people but the best way to break this fear is to be prepared. No matter what changes may come in the near future, you can always find cool tips and tricks to help you save money with any health insurance company you have. These tips are designed to be simple, easy, and require only a few moments of your time. You might be surprised at how much you can save just by changing a few things or submitting some basic information to your insurance company.

Tips on How to Save Money on Your Health Insurance


This is probably where you can put the biggest dent in your medical insurance expenses. gives you a list of different priced for generic vs name brand medications. You could save between 50-80 percent off your monthly medical prescription just by making the switch.

Choose the Right Facility

If you don’t have an immediate life or death situation on your hands, make sure you go to a clinic or urgent care, instead of the emergency room. You need to research the facilities around you to ensure you’re not paying for emergency costs. A quick visit that ends with the doctor saying “You’re fine, go home,” could end up costing you $600.00 dollars (this actually happened).

Make Copies of Test Results and Records

They actually charge you for a small bit of research that it takes to find your past information. By bringing all your previous medical records and tests with you, you can actually save money on your health insurance.

Discounts and Pricing Up Front

Sometimes getting a discount on your health insurance is as simple as making a call and asking for it. Paying in cash might qualify you for a discount as well. Some negotiation with your medical insurance company could resolve that huge bill you’ve been paying monthly for the last year. Also, it never hurts to ask if there is anything you can do for a discount.

Free Screenings and Preventative Medicine

Most major insurance companies offer free screenings for HIV, diabetes, and other diseases, with no copayments either. Using these in combination with a healthy diet and some exercise will go a long way to keeping your body as fit as a fiddle.